Who will buy our BMWs?

Maybe Germans still have a sentimental attachment to the Marshall Plan, but from my perspective, their commitment to bailing out hopelessly indebted EU states seems like altruism gone mad.

The only logical explanation for Germany’s wish to keep indebted Greece in the EU is that it wants to prop up Greek spending power so Greeks can buy German -made stuff.

But surely there’s a less wasteful way to building markets for German products than throwing huge sums of money at the indebted periphery of the East. And what, apart from cheap holidays and olive oil, does Greece have that Germany needs?

Perhaps Germany should think about heading east again. No, I’m not talking about warming up the Panzers and dive bombers, but putting more investment into Russia and Eastern Europe. Russia does actually have stuff Germany needs (gas, oil etc). Set up factories out East, as the Japanese have done in Britain and the US, and keep German workers busy supplying parts and technical assistance. Meanwhile as the Russians get richer with German help, they’ll have more money to buy part German-made goods.


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One Comment on “Who will buy our BMWs?”

  1. Thanks for linking to me. I will be sure to follow your blog in the coming weeks. I recently read a poll that said something like 75% of Germans are against the bailouts. The government is probably for them because of the bank failures that would result from a Greek default.

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