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Nothing’s happening in Switzerland

November 27, 2011

I thought I’d mention this because a couple of years back the MSM was predicting disaster for this quiet alpine republic if it went ahead with its controversal minaret ban.

Well two years on, and guess what, nothing’s really happened. Yes that’s right, no jihad, no terrorist attacks, no neo-Nazi takeovers and no major ostracism of Switzerland by the global community.

Who would have believed it.


Globalised services

November 26, 2011


The Jew thing – part two

November 23, 2011

While American white nationalists complain about the all-powerful, all-corrupting influence of Jews, right-wing liberals and the IQ-obsessed claim the West couldn’t survive without them.

Again, I don’t think Jews are all they’re cracked up to be (postitively or negatively).

America’s rise to power in the 1940s, was largely fueled by white gentile industrialists. Jews did not play a significant part in defeating Germany. They didn’t provide much of the manpower on the Eastern front nor did they provide essential engineering expertise in US war factories (note how the Germans were still a very tough nut to crack even without their Jewish scientists). Following World War Two, US industry continued to be dominated by gentiles (especially those of German origin). It was only later, as US manufacturing began to run out of steam, that Jews came to play a big part in the US economy.

Jews (for better or worse) have played a big part in creating the new financial order which emerged in the 1970s, but there’s no real evidence to suggest gentiles wouldn’t have created it themselves.

The “human biodiversity” bloggers say Jews are vital to America because of their high intelligence, with the average Jewish IQ about 10 points higher than that of gentile whites. But raw IQ though doesn’t always translate into economic or professional success. East Asians have higher IQs than whites but rarely win Nobel science prizes. They also still borrow heavily from US and European engineers when it comes to designing manufactured goods.

Jews tend to do well in fields like media and entertainment. But most of these jobs could be filled by gentiles. After all, these fields aren’t rocket science and in most instances aren’t crucial to the economy anyway.

Jews have been very significant in fields like medicine but these positive contributions have been undermined by their negative influence in the political sphere. As Kevin Macdonald has demonstrated in Culture of Critique, Jews have played a disruptive role in immigration policy and have (by design or accident) undermined movements to restrict non-white immigration.

The Jew thing – part one

November 21, 2011

Among many white nationalists on the American right, the decline of the West seems to be due to just one factor – Jews. But are Jews really that important, and isn’t blaming the Jews for everything a form of white self-loathing?

One problem I’ve got with the ‘blame the Jews’ argument is it assumes white elites aren’t smart enough to bring about their own downfall. Maybe I’m biased coming from a very politically correct country (New Zealand) with a lot of liberal whites and a small Jewish population, but I don’t tend to see educated whites as the innocent Eloy that White Nationalists portray them as. Furthermore, New Zealand isn’t the only PC white country without a lot of Jews – hyper PC Sweden isn’t particularly kosher either.

If we look at the factors which are undermining the West, one of the most important is the hegemonic status of liberalism. Liberalism is basically an ideology which says politics should be based around the individual. This ideology is unique to white people and was invented by white gentiles between the 17 and 19 th centuries. And contrary to MSM spin, it’s still a novel ideology in most of the world, where tribalism and religion remain the dominant factors in politics.

Consider three of the most important thinkers in the development of liberal thought: John Locke, John Stuart Mill and the educationalist John Dewey – all white gentiles.

Locke pioneered the liberal idea of the blank slate – the idea that qualities like intelligence and temperament are primarily determined by personal experience rather than biology. John Stuart Mill is arguably the most influential thinker in the British Commonwealth. He championed representative democracy, human rights and the idea (for better or worse) that church and government should stay out of people’s personal lives. The American educationalist John Dewey came up with the idea of the teacher as a facilitator rather than expert, an idea which undermines hierarchy and respect for authority.

By contrast, liberal Jewish intellectuals didn’t start coming on the scene until the mid 19th Century, and even then it wasn’t until the early 20th Century that anyone starting listening to them. Also, rather than inventing completely new ideas, the Jewish intellectuals tended to amplify those already developed by white gentiles or other Jews. Karl Marx, one of the few Jewish intellectual heavy-weights, was heavily indebted to Hegel. Later Jewish leftists merely modified Marxist theory to fit the perspectives of feminists, gays and minorities. These second-tier Jewish intellectuals copy Marx the way Japanese car designers copy Germans and Italians.

The infamous Jewish Frankfurt School wouldn’t have got far without gentile Marxist heavyweight, Antonio Gramsci. In fact, it’s probably Gramsci, with his advant-garde focus on cultural hegemony instead of economics, who’s ultimately become the most influential thinker in determining the tactics and ideology of the modern left. Meanwhile, on the liberal-right, Jewish libertarians like Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard have largely recycled ideas developed by gentiles like Locke, Smith and Hayek.

This is not to say a lot of Jews haven’t been a pain in the rectum for ordinary whites in the US. Jews are after all a minority, and minorities often put their own interests ahead of the majority. Many Jewish intellectuals, like many other minority intellectuals, will champion the interests of their own group while criticizing the same kind of behavior among the majority. Jews are simply a smarter and better educated minority than most. Kevin Macdonald has diligently chronicled many instances of Jewish hypocrisy, but he’s overlooked the numerous anti-white political shenanigans of other minority groups. Black apathy over border control is a particularly striking example.

The influence of Jews in the US has also been greatly assisted by white guilt, which is itself a white cultural trait (historical guilt isn’t too conspicuous in Japanese or Turkish culture). As is the case with African-Americans and the legacy of slavery, Jews have superior moral status in the US because of the Holocaust and white Russian programs, and white elites need to acknowledge the suffering of Jews to reinforce their legitimacy among fellow white liberals and western educated foreign elites.

White nationalists who nit-pick about the historical suffering of Jews are playing into the hands of Jewish left liberals whose stock in trade is trying to make guilt-prone whites feel guilty.

Poor whites in South Africa

November 20, 2011

A good reason for wanting to live in a majority white country – not wanting to live like a poor white South African pensioner when I retire.

I also notice that whites are now a minority in Brazil. I can’t imagine it’s much fun being a poor white there either.

Aging whites v poor browns

November 16, 2011

Occidental Quarterly contributor Yggdrasil highlights what could turn out to be a fatal problem for today’s multicultural democracies – the aging white population and its inability to continue to subsidise low-income non-whites.

Since ‘burn baby burn’ in the 60s, we’ve seen numerous copycat instances of Blacks and Muslims rioting when they’ve faced high unemployment and a lack of white investment in non-white areas. Think of the UK riots of 1981, 2001 and 2011, the LA riots of 91, and the Paris riots of the 90s and 00s.

But, in each of these cases, the government has been able to ameliorate the situation by pumping taxpayer’s money into the disaffected areas.

Now western governments have much less room to maneuver. The aging white population will soon be consuming a far greater share of government resources while the number of income taxpayers is rapidly declining. This means there’s little money left over for governments to address the problems of low-income non-whites.

If the recent past is anything to go by, the prefered solution to this problem is likely to be further immigration from South and East Asia. While this may help to increase tax revenues, it presents another problem in that Asian immigrants will be competing for jobs with middle class whites in a slow-growing economy.

In the 1930s liberal democracy nearly collapsed when it proved unable to provide economic stability and jobs. In the 1980s the Soviet Union never recovered from a collapse in oil prices. Perhaps this time the retirement of the boomers will spell the end of liberal democracy.

Pricey prayers

November 11, 2011

Want to see the inside of Westminster Abbey?

Well expect to shell out 16 pounds. That’s the current entrance fee for Britain’s most famous Anglican church.

With prices like that, it’s no wonder people are turning away from religion in the UK.

Imagine if the same logic was followed in the Muslim world, with big fees for impoverished Arabs to visit the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Unfortunately for Anglicans, Islamic leaders aren’t that stupid.