The Jew thing – part two

While American white nationalists complain about the all-powerful, all-corrupting influence of Jews, right-wing liberals and the IQ-obsessed claim the West couldn’t survive without them.

Again, I don’t think Jews are all they’re cracked up to be (postitively or negatively).

America’s rise to power in the 1940s, was largely fueled by white gentile industrialists. Jews did not play a significant part in defeating Germany. They didn’t provide much of the manpower on the Eastern front nor did they provide essential engineering expertise in US war factories (note how the Germans were still a very tough nut to crack even without their Jewish scientists). Following World War Two, US industry continued to be dominated by gentiles (especially those of German origin). It was only later, as US manufacturing began to run out of steam, that Jews came to play a big part in the US economy.

Jews (for better or worse) have played a big part in creating the new financial order which emerged in the 1970s, but there’s no real evidence to suggest gentiles wouldn’t have created it themselves.

The “human biodiversity” bloggers say Jews are vital to America because of their high intelligence, with the average Jewish IQ about 10 points higher than that of gentile whites. But raw IQ though doesn’t always translate into economic or professional success. East Asians have higher IQs than whites but rarely win Nobel science prizes. They also still borrow heavily from US and European engineers when it comes to designing manufactured goods.

Jews tend to do well in fields like media and entertainment. But most of these jobs could be filled by gentiles. After all, these fields aren’t rocket science and in most instances aren’t crucial to the economy anyway.

Jews have been very significant in fields like medicine but these positive contributions have been undermined by their negative influence in the political sphere. As Kevin Macdonald has demonstrated in Culture of Critique, Jews have played a disruptive role in immigration policy and have (by design or accident) undermined movements to restrict non-white immigration.

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2 Comments on “The Jew thing – part two”

  1. Good post. I am of a similar opinion. There are a lot of good jews, but they are definitely over-represented in the fields of leftist politics and parasitical financial practices. Much like blacks. I’m sure there are lots of good ones, but just look at American crime statistics. Acknowledge the reality of human differences, and plan your society accordingly.

    Regarding jews and smarts, they are not necessary for a society to function. Owing to their small numbers, despite being higher on the bell curve, there are vastly more high IQ whites in total.

    You should read the book “The Wasp Question”. I am about halfway through it, and it is a very good read. It looks at English history through an evolutionary biology perspective to try and figure out why the British diaspora the world over have embraced the suicidal doctrines of PC and multiculturalism more than any other ethnic group.

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