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Liberal kiwi teacher killed in the US

December 31, 2011

Since liberals don’t believe in bad genes or original sin, they can be very vulnerable to be seriously harmed by nasty people.

On Christmas Eve a 55-year-old New Zealand teacher living in Seattle was killed by an angry boyfriend who was already known to authorities as a ” high violent offender”.

 According to an article in The Nelson Mail, one of her co-workers she had a “tempestuous” relationship with her 48-year-old boyfriend, a bodybuilder she meet in a gym earlier in the year. Her 24-year-old daughter described him as “controlling, jealous and short-tempered”.

The Victim, Prudence Hockley, seems to have been a card-carrying bohemian left liberal with an extroverted personality and a rose-tinted view of human nature. As a former pupil described her first day of teaching at Seattle’s Woodinville High School in 1997:

“She marched into class on the first day in combat boots and a dress, her multi-coloured hair in pigtails, sporting several tattoos and more bangles than I’d ever seen on one person, and announced to all of us her name was Prudence Hockley and she loved us all ready, even the one’s she’d never meet”.

Lets face it, a blank slate view of ideology isn’t just scientifically wrong, it can be hazardous to your survival, especially in personal relationships, where caution and common sense are essential.


Hitchens the muddled Marxist

December 29, 2011

With North Korea in the news a lot these days, I’ve heard numerous mainstream liberal commentators wrongly referring to North Korea as a “fascist state”.

Many of these deluded liberals seem to be influenced by the late Christopher Hitchen’s essay A Nation of Racist Dwarfs.

If MSM commentators actually knew anything about fascism, they would notice that North Korea is in fact one of the least fascist countries in a region which has a lot of fascist characteristics. In economics terms for example, China, South Korea and Japan with their state-directed market economies are much more fascist-like than hard-core communist North Korea.

North Korea has a more dogmatic attachment to Marxist economic principles than any country on earth and is the only nation in the region which refuses to allow any kind of free market activity. In North Korea was a fascist state with a mixed corporate economy, then it wouldn’t be so poor.

For a supposedly fascist state, North Korea doesn’t pay much respect to fascist traditions either . Its government employs no fascist imagery, and produces no positive propaganda about ironic fascist states like Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy. By contrast, the flash and circle of the Italian fascists is a widely used symbol of the Singapore’s People’s ActionParty, while  Nazi-themed bars are quite popular in various Asian countries. But as you would expect, North Korea’s ruling regime does produce plenty of old-school Stalinist imagery which glorifies the working class (and supports OWS).

Hitchens make a big thing about North Korea’s apparent obsession with “racial purity” but ignore the fact that North Korea is a culturally homogenous country which has no racial minorities like western states. Also, the regime’s “racist” criticisms of other nations are mainly directed at wealthy, powerful countries which oppose communism. In other words, North Korean “racism” is largely ideological (and classically Marxist) rather than biological. North Korea doesn’t produce racist rhetoric about poor groups like Blacks in Africa or Indians in South America. The Hitch also fails to mention that most nations in East Asian, are “racist” in the liberal sense, since they pursue restrictionist immigration policies, don’t celebrate multiculturalism and don’t sign up for UN refugee quotas.

So why, characteristic North Korea as fascist when it most clearly isn’t?

There seem to be two main reasons. One reason is that many liberals like Hitchens are ex-Marxists who still have some sympathy for communism. Western Marxists and ex-Marxists often like to say that authoritarian, economically unsuccessful Marxist states have strayed from socialist principles, so as to imply that socialist states don’t have to be authoritarian and can be economically successful if they don’t pursue anti-democractic policies (a dubious idea since most people don’t find communist ideology appealing unless it’s tied to nationalism). The second reason is to characterise fascism as a more extreme ideology than communism.

The reality of course is things aren’t so black and white, and fascist ideas and policies still can be found in many countries around the world. But you won’t hear that kind of heresy from mainstream talking heads like Hitchens.



Bringing home the wild frontier

December 28, 2011

In the 19th Century adventurous young British males  had to travel on long arduous voyages to far off lands like Afghanistan and South Africa to find fortune and excitement:


But thanks to enlightened liberal immigration policies the adventure and excitement of the wild frontier has now come to them! (well Oxford High Street to be precise) :

Who says diversity isn’t enriching!

A word of warning though, as in the 19th Century, when bright crimson jackets were a prominent target for enemy spears and arrows, wearing a pair of these could prove hazardous:

British Freedom Party on Islam

December 27, 2011

The British Freedom Party has drawn a lot of criticism in alternative right circles for being a watered down version of the BNP, but I like the party’s philosophy on the question of Islam.

It’s easy to get bogged down in protracted arguments about whether Islam is or isn’t a dangerous, anti-Western ideology, but as BFP leader Paul Weston points out, the main issue is really a demographic one.

Islam per se may or may not be big a threat to the West, but there is no arguing that Islam has a significant percentage of extreme, militant followers. A small Muslim population isn’t really a big threat since a small minority can’t impose its will on the majority. However the bigger the Muslim population becomes, the more trouble there will be with its more extreme followers, and the more pressure on non-Muslims to adopt Muslim culture.

Therefore, in Britain’s case the best policy for dealing with Islamic extremism is simply to limit the number of Muslim immigrants into Britain.

The American obsession with quantity over quality (and economic sadism)

December 17, 2011

Despite grappling with a massive national debt, President Obama seems determined to get even more of his fellow Americans into the debt hole that is modern university education. Earlier in the year, he made an appeal to increase graduation rates (well actually he’s been repeating this crap ever since he got in) and recently he’s announced plans to ease the debt load on graduates in low-paying jobs through federal assistance.

For those of us in the UK Commonwealth this is also bad news, since what the US does has a big influence on what we do.

Of course there is no evidence that high levels of university participation create economic wealth. Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria are three of the world’s richest countries yet have relatively poor levels of university attendance and low graduation rates. They do however, have high academic standards and a reasonable number of high level STEM majors. If mass university attendance was the key to economic growth, Poland would be the richest country in Europe. If fact Poland isn’t even the richest country in Eastern Europe – Slovenia is, and Slovenia has much lower graduation rates.

Now I’m not saying that Obama shouldn’t help low-income earners with massive student loans. Clearly these people are in a tough financial position and since the government encouraged them to go to university, it’s partly to blame for their financial predicament. Students shouldn’t be treated like WWI infantrymen who are casually sacrificed en masse in some vain attempt to gain a few yards of terrority. However, providing debt relief while encouraging more students to go to university is only going to feed the bloated education industrial complex.

If too many students are unable to pay back their loans, then at least three things need to happen:

1. the number of students going to university (especially in the liberal arts) needs to decrease

 2. the quality of university education needs to improve (especially in the liberal arts)

3. universities need to be made financially liable if students can’t get jobs

Admittedly, the president can’t go around saying something negative like “don’t go to university” and expect to win elections, but he can say “we need more STEM majors” or “students need to be better informed about the pros and cons of academic education” rather generic crap like “we need more graduates”. He can also say something like “we’re all responsible for the training of our young people,” and make universities partly financially liable for students who can’t get jobs.

The chances of any of this happening under Obama are pretty slight as a high proportion of the students who will be shut out of university will be from Democrat voting minorities. However, given that the Republicans won’t get the minority vote anyway, there is a small chance they might start to listen to reason as the recession wears on.


Nationalist right in Italy

December 16, 2011

With the current economic problems in Europe, the nationalist right in Italy seems to be attracting significant numbers of young people. Check out this march by CasaPound, a nationalist organisation which mainly targets students. It’s very doubtful if an alternative right-wing organisation in an English-speaking country could manage something on this scale (or get with away with doing so).

Guilty until proven innocent

December 10, 2011

A great song by Italian folk/rock band Ianva