Post modernism = left-wing individualism

I’ve always thought there was something familiar about post modernism, but I’ve never been able to figure out exactly what.

Well it turns out post modernism is just another form of liberal individualism with a leftist slant.

As British writer Tobias Jones points out in his book Utopian Dreams:

Even though post modernists claim to be non-ideological, their views put the individual at the centre of things.’

Using education as an example, Jones says post-modernists reject the traditional ‘teacher as expert’ model because for post modernists there is no objective truth, only personal interpretations of the truth. This means individuals should ignore experts and put their own opinions first. Following post modernism to its logical conclusion is therefore an extreme form of individualism.

Conversely, for those who believe in the existence of an objective reality, the individual is no longer at the centre of things since they must respect the knowledge of experts who have studied that reality. In many circumstances, the individual who believes in an objective reality must also have some respect for the collective common sense of the majority.

Despite the big words it employs, post modernism is ultimately just another form of ‘you’re not the boss of me’ teenage rebellion.

After thought: Occupy Wall Street, with its lack of focus and leadership, is a classic example of contemporary postmodernism

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