British Freedom Party on Islam

The British Freedom Party has drawn a lot of criticism in alternative right circles for being a watered down version of the BNP, but I like the party’s philosophy on the question of Islam.

It’s easy to get bogged down in protracted arguments about whether Islam is or isn’t a dangerous, anti-Western ideology, but as BFP leader Paul Weston points out, the main issue is really a demographic one.

Islam per se may or may not be big a threat to the West, but there is no arguing that Islam has a significant percentage of extreme, militant followers. A small Muslim population isn’t really a big threat since a small minority can’t impose its will on the majority. However the bigger the Muslim population becomes, the more trouble there will be with its more extreme followers, and the more pressure on non-Muslims to adopt Muslim culture.

Therefore, in Britain’s case the best policy for dealing with Islamic extremism is simply to limit the number of Muslim immigrants into Britain.

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2 Comments on “British Freedom Party on Islam”

  1. The Mindset Says:

    What about those who are already living in Britain?

    • commonwealth contrarian Says:

      I think the party has a policy of removing active extremists and recent Mulsim immigrants who commit serious crimes, otherwise I’m not sure where the BFP stands in regards to existing Muslim immigrants.

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