Liberal kiwi teacher killed in the US

Since liberals don’t believe in bad genes or original sin, they can be very vulnerable to be seriously harmed by nasty people.

On Christmas Eve a 55-year-old New Zealand teacher living in Seattle was killed by an angry boyfriend who was already known to authorities as a ” high violent offender”.

 According to an article in The Nelson Mail, one of her co-workers she had a “tempestuous” relationship with her 48-year-old boyfriend, a bodybuilder she meet in a gym earlier in the year. Her 24-year-old daughter described him as “controlling, jealous and short-tempered”.

The Victim, Prudence Hockley, seems to have been a card-carrying bohemian left liberal with an extroverted personality and a rose-tinted view of human nature. As a former pupil described her first day of teaching at Seattle’s Woodinville High School in 1997:

“She marched into class on the first day in combat boots and a dress, her multi-coloured hair in pigtails, sporting several tattoos and more bangles than I’d ever seen on one person, and announced to all of us her name was Prudence Hockley and she loved us all ready, even the one’s she’d never meet”.

Lets face it, a blank slate view of ideology isn’t just scientifically wrong, it can be hazardous to your survival, especially in personal relationships, where caution and common sense are essential.

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3 Comments on “Liberal kiwi teacher killed in the US”

  1. ELN Says:

    More PHOTOs on google: HERE.

    I don’t have the exact U.S. statistics of Black on White murders, but those facts are easily found on the Department of Justice (FBI) website. Although Black males represent only about 5% of the U.S. population, they’re responsible for 52% of ALL murders against every race.

    In addition, U.S. Black males commit over 100 rapes and sexual assaults against White women EVERY day. (37,400 in 2005) Source: Dept. of Justice

    Of course, the mainstream media always downplay the real facts and instead, encourage you to watch The Cosby Show or other such disingenuous fantasy shows and/or television commercials depicting Blacks in incongruent role playing.

    Here’s a website that’s closer to reality:

    Thug Report

    • commonwealth contrarian Says:

      Interestingly this wasn’t a very big story in NZ, and the Nelson Mail was the only paper to reveal the full details of the story, including the race of the attacker (by publishing a photo of him).

      The only reason the Nelson Mail (a small regional paper) made it a big story was because the victim originally came from Nelson.

      • ELN Says:

        After doing a little more Internet research on U.S. Black criminality, I discovered this website containing statistics revealing the obvious for anyone paying attention.

        One important item concerned the “White” category. Government statisticians categorize Mexican Hispanics/Latinos as “white”, thus skewing the true figures and giving the White category an inflated reading.

        Incidentally, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in New Zealand on 4 different occasions (mostly the South Island) beginning in the mid-80s. My last visit was in 2002-03, and it was in the Motueka area near Nelson.

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