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Musical interlude

January 31, 2012

Nice track from US folk band Changes


Thought for the day

January 29, 2012

The liberal establishment isn’t afraid of extremists, it’s afraid of non-liberal moderates who expose its own extremism.

Rockin’ Italian diplomat gets in hot water with authorities

January 28, 2012

When the going get’s politically correct, nationalistic Italians often reach for their guitars. However, as in other western countries, expressing un-PC political opinions in public can be a costly career move.

Mario Vattani, an Italian diplomat to Japan, has been called home by the Italian government after they discovered he’s the lead singer of nationalist rock band Sotto Fascia Semplice.

As usual, The Telegraph article is highly biased, in particular it’s description of the relatively moderate Casa Pound organisation as “extremist.”

Anyway, here’s a clip from one of SFS’s albums:






A spanner in the works

January 25, 2012

Well, to be precise a Chinese spanner in the works.

The Democrats want to expand America’s military presence in the Asia-Pacific theatre to counter the recent military build up by China.

Unfortunately, China is making an increasingly large percentage of the components in America’s weaponry.

Kinda of makes it hard for the US to fight China doesn’t it?

Are you feelin’ the privilege?

January 24, 2012

Oz Conservative’s Mark Richardson has a good post exposing the increasingly outdated argument that white male’s enjoy a privileged position in today’s world.

White males are a rapidly decreasing percentage of the world’s wealthy. Not only do they have to share an increasing percentage of white wealth with white females (nearly 50 percent and rising), but in English-speaking countries, white males actually make less money than non-Asian minority males and females with comparable qualifications.

And lets not forget that many white males also live in middle-income parts of the world like Russia, Eastern Europe and South America, which are now poorer than much of East Asia. In the British Commonwealth for example, white Poles, Czechs, and Brazilians often fill low paid labouring jobs which many ‘oppressed’  non-white locals try to avoid.

Certainly a small percentage of white men and women do hold a lot of wealth, but that certainly doesn’t mean white people in general are either particularly wealthy, or have some undeserved privilege over other races.


We’ve stopped producing, so why do we need more labour?

January 21, 2012

The Globalist blog makes an important point about immigration trends in white Commonwealth countries. If we no longer produce manufactured goods, then why do we need signficant amounts of labour? Similarly, for the modest labour needs of the remaining industries we do have, like mining, why can’t we use redundant manufacturing workers?

It seems likely that immigration has little to do with the needs of productive industries (which are usually located in areas with few immigrants) and more to do with the needs of the service economy. Most immigrants live in large cities and provide services for urban liberals or for each other.  Australia’s number one industry is mining, yet most immigrants work in Sydney and Melbourne, while New Zealand’s main industry is farming, but the majority of immigrants flock to Auckland. The service sector and the real estate industry are therefore the main beneficiaries of immigration

But these sectors of the economy don’t produce anything, so from a national interest perspective, bringing in immigrants to provide services is a luxury we can’t afford, since it puts yet more pressure on the remaining productive industries to subsidise an ever-expanding non-productive population.

Only in the Middle East

January 18, 2012

Saudi men lose dream job. Is nowhere safe from feminism.