White Majoritarianism

I did a recent google search on the term “white majoritarianism” and nothing came up. Considering rapid racial change is one of the most crucial issues facing the English-speaking West, I thought this was pretty surprising.

White majoritarianism – a desire to keep majority white countries more than 50 percent white, has already become a problematic option in the United States, since more than half of the babies born in the US are now non-white or mixed race. So it’s not surprising many American pro-white activists have already given on white majoritarianism, and are now contemplating more radical options like setting up separate white ethnostates.

The only way white majoritarianism could remain viable in the US would be if some of the Hispanic South-eastern states like Texas became independent – at outcome which seems unlikely to happen without serious civic strife (if not warfare). Of course it’s still possible that individual states could stay majority white in a non-white country, in the same way that parts of Brazil are majority white (and function reasonably well) but such states would have to put up with all the problems associated with a divided an ineffectual national government with no clear ethnic majority. There’s also the problem that a divided US could encourage intervention in US affairs by foreign powers like China.

In Canada, Australia and to a lesser extent New Zealand, there’s still a sustainable white majority, but the situation is changing fast – if current trends continue, whites are unlikely to be in the majority 20 years from now. Britain as a whole still has a clear white majority, but large parts of the South-East are already majority non-white, and the once widespread white majority is turning into a shrinking celtic fringe.

The only explicitly white majoritarian party in the UK Commonwealth is the much maligned British National Party, which openly states it wants to restrict non-white immigration into the UK so as to preserve the native British majority – a policy which only about two percent of Britons are willing to vote for at present.

Personally, I still think that it’s possible to preserve a white majority in the UK, and perhaps in Canada and Australia. However, it’s clear time is fast running out. Unless the issue receives serious public exposure over the next decade, then it’s difficult to see how any sea change in public opinion might occur.

One of the first things white majoritarians can do is to make greater use of the term “white majoritarianism”. I realise it’s a bit of an awkward phrase, but it’s arguably the only term you can use to describe a movement that wants to keep white people in the majority within a multi-racial country. Terms like “traditionalism,” which don’t mention race, are too vague and intellectual, while to many ordinary whites the term “white nationalism ” is associated with racial extremism or radical separatism. Racial conservatism is another possible term, but these days the word conservative also has a lot of negative baggage as well.


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4 Comments on “White Majoritarianism”

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  2. Will S. Says:

    A not unreasonable goal; the only problem is, even though more palatable than other terms, the fact the term still contains the word ‘white’, will still set off the antifa twits and the media, who will go predictably go ballistic when they see the word.

  3. Mark Says:

    Sorry, Aotearoa is a Pacific country, peopled by Pacific peoples and it belongs to Tangata Whenua first and foremost.

    Aotearoa is now close to 30% Maori, Pacific Islander, Asian, and the browning of this country is happening fast.

    If Pakeha don’t like it they can fuck back off to England.

    • commonwealth contrarian Says:

      Some points to consider. The first permanent settlers in much of the South Island were British, so claiming Maori are the indigenous people of all New Zealand is debatable. Secondly, white people can’t “fuck off back to England” because England is now also full of immigrants from other cultures. Thirdly, ever hear the phrase “meet the new boss, same as the old boss?” – if you think Asian interests are the same as Maori interests, you’re seriously deluded.

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