The left and genetics – welcome to the land of confusion

Over at the Guardian, a columnist raises the important issue of why racism is such a big issue in today’s society if, as liberals claim, races don’t exist in any meaningful way. 

However, as a critic of liberalism I’d put it another way – why do post-racial liberals get so offended by racist insults if they don’t believe in race? As committed liberals, shouldn’t they just laugh off delusional comments by “ignorant” race believers?

There’s also a column this week on the history of left-wing support for eugenics, which has attracted much comment from the Guardianistas.

Personally though, I don’t think today’s society has much to fear from left-wing eugenics. Its left-wing dysgenics we need to be more concerned about.

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2 Comments on “The left and genetics – welcome to the land of confusion”

  1. Geezer Says:

    Good point.

    When I was a nice Guardian reading liberal/left bod I was mortified that blacks, asians etc might think of me in racist terms. After all, didnt they know I was on their side? I could excuse their behaviour (they are the victims after all) but not the ‘wrong’ attitude.

    Fast forward a decade and Im pretty much a WN and I couldnt give a s**t what they think about me its their behaviour that bothers me. The HBD reality is far more important.

  2. Lurker Says:

    Found your site via Steve Sailer.

    Ive added you to the links in

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