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Film/music combo

March 30, 2012

Isn’t it refreshing to find a youtube music video that doesn’t include ‘orrible air brushed art clips!


Subconscious racism – the eastern front of the modern left

March 15, 2012

Subconscious racism – the eastern front of the modern left

Having made conscious racism legally and socially verboten, left liberals are increasingly turning their attention to subconscious racism. Among their wackier ideas include treating it with drugs and discouraging whites from listening to rock music (apparently it implicitly promotes white identity).

There are however some pretty big stumbling blocks.

Firstly if something is only recognised subconsciously, then it’s hard for most people to accept that it exists. People can be persuaded that explicit things such as legal statutes may be racist, but how do you expect for example, to persuade a staunch white fiscal conservative that fiscal conservatism is sub-consciously racist because it indirectly benefits white people ? The liberal left relies for much of its power on shaming its opponents, but you can only shame someone into changing their views if you can appeal to their conscious. The sub-conscious has no shame.

Hence as the liberal left sends its panzers of political correctness across the vast steppes of the white subconscious, they’re likely to find a stubborn and bemused opponent that’s unwilling to surrender ground.

Secondly, they may well unravel a lot of information that’s just as useful to the right as it is to the left. For example, in trying to show that whites have sub-consciously racist voting practices they will also end up revealing that non-whites are just as sub-consciously racist (if not more so).

Thirdly they may end up alienating many of their own kind.

As Kevin Macdonald pointed out in his excellent essay on white ethnocentrism, liberals may not be quite as ethnocentric as conservatives, but they’re a lot more hypocritical. For example, they publicly promote egalitarianism and anti-racism, but in private they avoid sending their kids to multicultural schools, support restrictive housing regulations (making housing more expensive for the poor) and engage in the gentrification (or whitetification) of non-white inner city neighborhoods.

Similarly, liberal musicians in white dominated genres like rock and folk are hardly likely to appreciate having their funding and publicity undermined by over-zealous anti-racist campaigners.

As the recession-driven Occupy movement has demonstrated, liberal whites quickly start to lose interest in helping non-whites once their own economic interests are on the line.

Theme songs options for the Iraq War era

March 13, 2012

Uber cool early 90s art rock:


Or maybe Borat meets epic prog rock:



Militia groups on the rise in the US

March 13, 2012

The MSM in the US is reporting another rise in various types of militia groups, including some with white nationalist views. Since these figures are provided by the Southern Poverty Law Centre, they’re likely to be exaggerated, but there probably is some substance to these claims.

The last time there was a significant increase in such groups was during the recession of the early 90s.

It does seem there’s a link between economic downturns and the growth of militia movements, but you have to wonder why there weren’t more such groups during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when economic conditions which much tougher than today.

The difference may be cultural change. The US today is a much more culturally divided society than it was in the 1930s. So it seems that as the economy declines, underlying cultural conflicts that are patched over by economic prosperity reassert themselves, and an increasing percentage of the population express their sense of alienation by joining separatist groups.

Are left liberals bigoted?

March 11, 2012

In an article on the Sarah Maid of Albion blog David Hamilton makes the point that left liberals who like to use the word bigot are actually bigots themselves since a bigot is someone who won’t listen to other opinions and many leftists refuse to listen to non-liberal opinions.

Hamilton argues that leftists misuse the word bigot to make it seem that it only applies to right wingers with negative opinions of things like ethnic diversity, while ignoring the word’s original meaning.

I looked up the term bigot in a couple of dictionaries.

According to a 1981 New Webster’s Dictionary a ‘bigot’ is defined as:

“a person obstinately and unreasonably wedded to a particular religious creed, opinion or practice, a person blindly attached to any opinion system or party and bitterly intolerant of those who believe differently”

A 2004 Chambers dictionary defines a ‘bigot’ as:

“someone who is persistently prejudiced, especially about religion or politics, and refuses to tolerate the opinions of others”

The Chamber’s Dictionary defines ‘prejudice’ as:

“a preconceived and irrational opinion”

Now clearly a bigot is not simply someone who is intolerant of something. A bigot is someone who is unreasonably and irrationally intolerant, and won’t change their views if new information comes to hand. And bigotry doesn’t just apply to issues of race and religion it applies to all opinions and belief systems. Therefore it’s just as easy for a secular leftist to be a bigot as it is for say, a religious conservative or ethno-nationalist, and given that many leftists wish to deny rightists freedom of expression, Hamilton can make a strong claim that leftists are today’s biggest bigots.

Interestingly the original French meaning of the term bigot is “a suspicious hypocrite” which suggests that bigots are likely to dismiss rational arguments they disagree with and accuse those who make them of bigotry – a trait which is rampant on the modern left.

Why anti-racist drugs probably won’t work

March 10, 2012

A research story about a drug having anti-racist effects is currently getting a lot of mileage on the Internet.  Apparently some Oxford researchers have found that the beta blocker drug propranolol reduced sub-conscious racist responses in a recent study.

Not surprisingly, this has generated a lot of semi-serious comments about the possibility of liberal-fascist authorities popping such drugs in the water supply. However, just because ethnocentric people show more fearful responses to questions about racism does not mean (for better or worse) that beta blockers are going to make them less racist.

For a start, beta blockers don’t actually reduce fear per se, they only reduce the physical symptoms of fear. In other words, if say, a white guy who doesn’t like Black people sees a Black man with a machette, he’s still going to be just as fearful.

Beta blockers are popular for performance anxiety, because  those who are concerned about showing their fear through blushing, tremors, etc, have one less thing to worry about.  But this also means that blockers could potentially make people who are sub-consciously racist better at hiding their racial discomfort, which in some cases could actually make them more, not less racist.

Beta blockers also have negative side effects like fatigue and insomnia. Whatever, liberals say about racist whites, they still need whites as cash-cow taxpayers and indiscriminate use of such drugs would undermine white productivity – which is the same reason why they don’t want to  legalise marajuana – it’s bad for capitalism, and in a modern liberal society money is the only thing holding society together.



Why can’t you just accept the empirical evidence!

March 6, 2012