Binary politics

One of the features of living under an ideological hegemony is that there is no ideological middle ground.

In today’s liberal hegemony, people either have the correct views or they have the wrong views and if they have the later, they’re labeled as “extremists” or simply backward idiots who are beyond the pale.

Take racism for example. Racism basically means favouring those of your own race over those of other races. A more scientific, and less emotionally-loaded term for racism is ethnocentrism.

Now ethnocentrism may or may not be a bad thing, depending on your view point, but most people would at least agree that it exists in varying degrees.

However, within the official ideological straitjacket of modern liberalism, there are no degrees of ethnocentrism, you can’t be slightly or moderately ethno-centric, you’re either are ethnocentric or you aren’t.

This is why you hear people making saying statements starting with “I’m not racist, but….”

Since it’s not acceptable to admit to being even slightly ethnocentric, you have to deny you’re ethnocentric before you can make any kind of ethnic observation or judgement. Thus today’s liberal society creates an ideological “no man’s land” within which no one admits to having any opinions.

Not only does this suppress debate, but it also undermines people’s ability to actually come up with workable solutions to social problems.

Take the recent issue of women serving in the front lines in the military. In practice the debate has taken place between those who promote the “correct” liberal view that women should be able to do whatever men do, and a small number of conservative dissidents who argue that this is dangerous and impractical. Naturally, the liberals have won the argument and women can now serve with men in front line roles.

However, there were other possible alternative that weren’t even discussed. For example, girls and boys tend to do better in single-sex schools. So you could make a good case that if you’re going to have women in the front lines, you should get them to serve in women’s only units. This would get around a lot of the problems associated with men and women living next to each other in arduous battlefield conditions, while still allowing atypical women to serve in the front line.

I’m not necessarily saying this is the best solution to the issue, it may be, but it does demonstrate that when you have a binary form of politics, few options outside of the mainstream paradigm will raised and given due consideration.

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