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Music break

May 28, 2012

As far as I’m aware, this is the first time “old big nose” has featured on an alt right blog. Considering he’s probably the greatest right wing composer of the 20th century, I find that kinda surprising.


White, threatened and isolated in Aboriginal Australia

May 27, 2012

In liberal Australian folklore, outback Australia is an unpleasant place for urban white liberals due to its uncivilised white rednecks. A classic example of this view can be seen in the cult 1970s film Wake in Flight, in which a middle class Sydney teaching graduate has a horribly uncivilised time in a small country outback town. But forget the liberal fantasies, in the real world  it’s the isolated Aboriginal communities where urban white nurses, social workers and teachers are likely to run into trouble.

Check of some of the reports at this teaching website about life for teaching graduates in the Aboriginal town of Aurukun and other isolated communities in Northern Queensland.

Graduate over supply in teaching getting worse

May 26, 2012

Although the Commonwealth’s corporatised universities continue to churn out large numbers of teaching graduates, supply has rapidly saturated demand as over-hyped boomer retirement predicitions have failed to create enough openings for new graduates. In Ontario Canada for example, graduate unemployment is now running at 68 percent. An Ontario schools superindentant claims that even if Ontario stops training teacher’s entirely, it still won’t have a teacher shortage for at least 5 years.

It’s a similar story in New Zealand with large numbers of teachers being laid off by the Canterbury earthquake, and in Australia for that matter , but no slowdown in the number of graduates coming out of the teacher’s colleges (which are now run by the corporatised universities). The recession is also putting pressure on governments to increase class sizes, which will only add to graduate unemployment.

Of course it wasn’t always this way. In the 1980s, supply and demand were kept in reasonable balance since teaching colleges were run in the public interest and didn’t take on graduates if they didn’t think they could find them teaching placements after graduation.

Western governments have wasted billions of dollars on mismanaging tertiary education in easy times, but now they’re finding everything is interconnected and mismanagement of one sector of the economy will also create big problems elsewhere.


The Mainstream Media’s Phantom Nazis

May 17, 2012

Worried about premature mental decline? Don’t despair, as there appears to be plenty of employment opportunities for the cognitively challenged in mainstream journalism.

In today’s mainstream media, basic research, elementary logic, and accurate use of well known political terminology is optional, and unlike in the real world, no one will ever correct you when you get things wrong! Take for example the reports of a “Neo-Nazi” party getting seven percent of the vote in the recent elections in Greece.

Using my extensive powers of research (a five-minute search of Wikipedia) I discovered there is in fact no such “Neo-Nazi” party, only a common or garden bunch of populist/nationalists (albeit with the colorful name ‘Golden Dawn’) who are about as Nazi as the BNP.

In addition to inaccurately referring to Golden Dawn as Nazi’s on countless occasions, MSM journos have also inaccurately referred to their traditional Greek party symbol as a Nazi symbol, referred to their (pre-Nazi) Latin fascist salutes as Nazi salutes, and overlooked the fact that these guys are big fans of the Nationalist government of Greece which went to war with the Nazis in 1941. Unlike the Nazis they also have no intention of invading Eastern Europe for lebensraum so they’re no threat to the rest of the world anyway. Perhaps worst of all though, the MSM has failed to mention that a spokesman for the party have already told them they aren’t a Nazi party (journalism 101 tip – try interviewing your sources before you start writing about them).

Other than rank dishonesty and incompetence, what reason can the MSM have for continually referring to Golden Dawn as Neo-Nazis? Well, I think it has a lot to do to the warped mental logic which pervades mainstream journalism.

Instead of using the basic common sense reasoning that most relatively intelligent people use, members of the MSM makes sweeping conclusions based on obviously incomplete information, for example, in MSM logic, “some nationalists are Neo-Nazis, therefore all nationalists are Neo Nazis”.

Of course it wouldn’t be so bad if the MSM was at least consistent. If it was, then all left-of-centre mainstream parties would be labeled as cultural Marxists or liberal anarchists, but don’t expect logic or consistency in political reporting from people who don’t even know where Fascism actually originated.