Another hole in the white privilege argument

Over at Oz Conservative, Mark Richardson highlights some fascinating stats on global economic development in an article about whiteness studies.

According to left liberal arguments, the economic success of Europeans has been based on exploiting other parts of the world, a process which began about 1550 with their colonial expansion into America and Asia.

However, there’s a big problem with this argument – Europe started pulling ahead of Asia as early as 1100 AD, 400 years before Europeans started conquering other parts of the world.

From what I’ve read of economic history, a major reason why Europe started to overtake Asia during the Middle Ages was labour scarcity. Europe’s less intensive style of agriculture and factors such as the Black Death meant that labour was a lot more expensive in Europe than Asia, so in Europe there was a much greater incentive to develop labour-saving technology. This is why Europeans in the Middle Ages were focusing more on things like water wheels and windmills and new types of ploughs, while East Asians were inventing more elite-orientated technologies like silk and porcelain.

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One Comment on “Another hole in the white privilege argument”

  1. My left/liberal friends are always happy to point out in one argument that we are all descended from Africans.

    But in another they point to the lack of African development being due to white colonialism, slave trade etc.

    What I like to do, where possible, is marry these two points together. To see if they can explain how the group which came first was held back by a later group (us). As yet Ive never had a satisfactory answer – or indeed any answer at all.

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