Attacking the soft white underbelly (of political correctness)

White nationalists may have a reputation for being violent and unpleasant skinhead types, but maybe that their biggest marketing problem isn’t that they’re too mean, but that they’re too nice – especially towards greedy and hypocritical fellow whites.

White nationalist types always tend to focus their political anger towards non-whites – Jews, minorities and foreigners, but this doesn’t seem to achieve much. Like white nationalists themselves, non-white minorities will instinctively circle the wagons and stubbornly defend their tribe when attacked by the hostile other, and despite frequently publicised belly aches from minority leftists in the liberal media, few non-whites actually go as far as leaving majority white countries due to racism from whites.

In fact, many minority activists relish being attacked by white nationalists and are dependent on them for their livelihood. Without the white nationalist boogeyman, groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center would quickly go out of business, so it’s in their interest to keep the tiny white nationalist threat alive.

Instead of focusing their political attacks on non-white minorities who are well schooled in ethnocentric politics, white nationalists might be more successful if they directed their hostility towards those white liberals who treat them with so much contempt. After all, it’s often easier to attack those who aid and abet an enemy than it is to attack a determined enemy in a frontal assault.

Think of the Viet Con in the Vietnam War. When they attacked the powerful American forces directly, as they did during the Tet Offensive, they suffered heavy casualties and came off second best, but when they refocused on attacking American sympathizers among their fellow Vietnamese, they soon bought about the collapse of the pro-American south.

The Italians communists took a similar approach following the allied invasion of Italy in 1943. Rather than join the allies and attack the heavily armed Germans, they focused their efforts on persecuting ex-nationalists and conservatives behind allied lines (a popular communist tactic) with an eye to (successfully) cementing their power base in post-war Italy.

Not only are hypocritical white liberals an easier target than tenacious ethnocentric minorities, but they’re also more likely to give in easily when faced with a real fight.

Consider South African white liberals for example. When questioned about South Africa, they go on about how unjust the Apartheid regime was, yet they’re also terrified of the new rainbow republic and most of them scarper overseas as soon as they get the opportunity. Ironically, it’s the conservative Boer farmers who are most likely to stay on as they’re better armed and less easily intimidated then white urban liberals.

As well as going for obvious targets like middle class liberal intellectuals, white nationalists should also start campaigns to undermine white businesses which promote increased immigration.

In Australia, Gerry Harvey, Gina Rinehart and a number of other prominent business people have made explicit statements in support of mass immigration, yet as far as I’m aware their businesses have never been picketed by white nationalists or immigration restrictionists.

Maybe it’s time for a change of tactics.

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