Reversing the failure of the BNP

With the BNP now stagnating (if not imploding) it’s time to reconsider whether European-style populist politics are the way forward.

In demographic terms, the basic approach of the BNP has been to go after the working class white rump – those disgruntled whites who are feed up with the current establishment, but lack the means or opportunity to join those skilled or wealthy British whites who are fleeing overseas.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of limitations in focusing on the rump. Firstly it lacks money, secondly it lacks skills, and unlike the constituency of the centre left, it continues to shrink in the face of ongoing third world immigration engineered by the centre left.

If the BNP is going to attract more funding and talent, then it needs to become more appealing to more enterprising and wealthy voters and supporters, and to do this it needs to think outside the conventional nationalist box.

One of the contributing factors in Britain’s current predicament has been its decision to turn its back on the British Commonwealth and seek closer economic and political ties with Europe. But in doing so it’s created a lot of division between Britain and the white British Commonwealth.

Today, white Commonwealth (and other) citizens of British ancestry are shut out of Britain, while millions of non-white immigrants take their place. At the same time, white citizens in colonial countries are feeling increasingly apprehensive about becoming a minority in places which have been majority white for the last two centuries

If whites are indeed becoming a diaspora minority in the British Commonwealth, then, like the Jews and Chinese, they will need an indigenous homeland they turn to if things get too hostile on the periphery.

By easing work and residency requirements for persons of native British ancestry, the BNP could attract funding and support from outside Britain, particularly from whites in South Africa and resource rich Canada and Australia – the two nations which are increasingly becoming the economic engine room of the UK Commonwealth.

In addition to changing its immigration approach from a defensive stance to an offensive one, the BNP will also have to change its economic (and education) policies to appeal to more middle class voters – particularly those who are currently wasting their votes on the one trick pony UKIP. A good starting point would be look closely at the policies of other maverick nations like Israel and Switzerland.

In population terms, this “Israelification” of immigration policy could make Britain even more overcrowded, particularly in the short term, but given the desperate position in which Britain’s finds itself drastic political chemotherapy is essential.

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