More PC Language

Here’s some entries under D:


Dandy – an Edwardian for-runner to the yuppie and the hipster, now believed to be extinct.

Darwinism – a selectively used battery ram employed by secular liberals to attack religious conservatives. Ironically, Darwin’s idea that humans are influenced by evolution is usually ignored by said liberals.

Degrees – as Clive James points out “all Americans have a right to a university degree, even if their degree is in hamburger technology.”

Developing Countries – a liberal euphemism for poor countries with intractable economic and political problems.

Dictators – authoritarian types who sometimes do good things, but for some reason we (the masses) are never allowed to mention these good things. As political rogue Silvio Berlusconi found out when talking about the good things Mussolini did (like shutting down organised crime in Italy) democracy can do no wrong, and everything any dictator has ever done anywhere is bad, and you’re a very, very naughty boy if you say otherwise.

Diesel Engine – a powerful, efficient and frugal type of internal combustion engine which is actively discouraged by dogmatic western governments that are under the influence of misguided liberal environmentalists.

Disperity – a term coined by the American novelist Tom Wolfe to describe the tendency of humans to divide into small cliques when faced with a bewildering amount of human diversity – the predominant form of social organization on large university campuses and in big cities.

Diversity – something celebrated by wealthy white people in gated communities and privately regretted by everyone else.

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