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Money versus Ethnocentrism

July 15, 2012

Jim Goad’s recent article at Taki’s Magazine on the power of ethnocentrism has got me wondering whether there any social forces more powerful than ethnocentrism.

Religion and money are the only likely contenders since these are about the only other things people will willingly die for. Some might say that family is more important than ethnicity, but family is really just a subset of ethnicity.

People will often betray their race or country for money, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of wealthy businessmen (and women) who put pressure on their governments to import cheap labour. Here in Australia, aesthetically challenged mining mogul Gina Rinehart (pictured below) and retail big wig Gerry Norman, are among those keen to flood their country with unwanted third world immigrants in the name of big business.

It’s a similar case with left-wing liberals, who are keen to promote the virtues of multiculturalism since it offers them the potential for work opportunities as civil servants, social workers, charity workers and other agents of the therapeutic state.

This all sounds wonderful for enterprising “post-racial” liberals, but there’s a big problem with relying on money – there’s just never enough of it to go round, and some people will always miss out.

Take for example the victims of affirmative action. If you provide someone with an affirmative job or college placement, then by definition you must be denying another person an opportunity, and therefore that other person will need to be compensated. If they don’t get compensation, then chances are they will be resentful and angry at having to make a sacrifice for someone else. One way in which affirmative action victims articulate such resentment is by switching their voting patterns from the left to right, which partly explains why so many working class white males in America now vote for the centre right.

Furthermore, in recessionary times like today, there are even greater numbers of people who are socially or economically frustrated by multiculturalism, but unfortunately for liberal elites, there is less money around to compensate them. The recent Occupy Wall Street movement highlighted that even many idealistic left liberals are now more concerned with their own careers (or lack of them) than they are about the social plight of minorities and foreigners.

In Western Europe, liberal governments have been compensating the victims of multiculturalism through welfare. Perhaps the most remarkable example of this can be seen in Spain, where both immigration and unemployment are very high, but the native population hasn’t got very uppity about third world immigration. To meet its austerity targets though, Spain is now having to get tougher on welfare and is apparently restricting unemployment benefits to six months.

It’s going to be very interesting to see if the Spanish authorities can stop race relations from boiling over when a big chunk of the native population lacks the cushioning effects of welfare to protect it from the full impact of multiculturalism.


Another hole in the white privilege argument

June 26, 2012

Over at Oz Conservative, Mark Richardson highlights some fascinating stats on global economic development in an article about whiteness studies.

According to left liberal arguments, the economic success of Europeans has been based on exploiting other parts of the world, a process which began about 1550 with their colonial expansion into America and Asia.

However, there’s a big problem with this argument – Europe started pulling ahead of Asia as early as 1100 AD, 400 years before Europeans started conquering other parts of the world.

From what I’ve read of economic history, a major reason why Europe started to overtake Asia during the Middle Ages was labour scarcity. Europe’s less intensive style of agriculture and factors such as the Black Death meant that labour was a lot more expensive in Europe than Asia, so in Europe there was a much greater incentive to develop labour-saving technology. This is why Europeans in the Middle Ages were focusing more on things like water wheels and windmills and new types of ploughs, while East Asians were inventing more elite-orientated technologies like silk and porcelain.

The Mainstream Media’s Phantom Nazis

May 17, 2012

Worried about premature mental decline? Don’t despair, as there appears to be plenty of employment opportunities for the cognitively challenged in mainstream journalism.

In today’s mainstream media, basic research, elementary logic, and accurate use of well known political terminology is optional, and unlike in the real world, no one will ever correct you when you get things wrong! Take for example the reports of a “Neo-Nazi” party getting seven percent of the vote in the recent elections in Greece.

Using my extensive powers of research (a five-minute search of Wikipedia) I discovered there is in fact no such “Neo-Nazi” party, only a common or garden bunch of populist/nationalists (albeit with the colorful name ‘Golden Dawn’) who are about as Nazi as the BNP.

In addition to inaccurately referring to Golden Dawn as Nazi’s on countless occasions, MSM journos have also inaccurately referred to their traditional Greek party symbol as a Nazi symbol, referred to their (pre-Nazi) Latin fascist salutes as Nazi salutes, and overlooked the fact that these guys are big fans of the Nationalist government of Greece which went to war with the Nazis in 1941. Unlike the Nazis they also have no intention of invading Eastern Europe for lebensraum so they’re no threat to the rest of the world anyway. Perhaps worst of all though, the MSM has failed to mention that a spokesman for the party have already told them they aren’t a Nazi party (journalism 101 tip – try interviewing your sources before you start writing about them).

Other than rank dishonesty and incompetence, what reason can the MSM have for continually referring to Golden Dawn as Neo-Nazis? Well, I think it has a lot to do to the warped mental logic which pervades mainstream journalism.

Instead of using the basic common sense reasoning that most relatively intelligent people use, members of the MSM makes sweeping conclusions based on obviously incomplete information, for example, in MSM logic, “some nationalists are Neo-Nazis, therefore all nationalists are Neo Nazis”.

Of course it wouldn’t be so bad if the MSM was at least consistent. If it was, then all left-of-centre mainstream parties would be labeled as cultural Marxists or liberal anarchists, but don’t expect logic or consistency in political reporting from people who don’t even know where Fascism actually originated.