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MSM diversity spin

November 10, 2012

As half the planet is now aware, the Republicans lost  the US Presidential election because they didn’t get enough Hispanics votes. And not for the first, time the MSM get’s it totally wrong.

The first thing to take into account is that American has a first-past-the-post voting system,  which means that it isn’t just how many votes a party gets that counts, but where they get them. Getting 99 percent of the vote in 10 states won’t win do you much good if you lose all the other states. As it happens, the Hispanic population is overwhelmingly concentrated in half a dozen states in the South West, while the swing states that decided the election have small Hispanic populations.

As Vdare contributor Washington Watcher points out, it wasn’t the Hispanic vote which lost the Republicans the election, but the low working class white vote in the key swing states like Iowa and Wisconsin. One of the reasons why poor whites didn’t vote for Romney is he’s a rich financier, and they’re scared he’ll cut their pensions and medical aid.

Sure the high Hispanic vote is an ominous trend, but it didn’t decide this particular election, and trying to pander to such ethnocentric voters is probably futile. Instead the Republican Party needs to think about how it can get more working class white votes, which probably means making economic comprimises, but not capitulating on immigration policy.


Bringing home the wild frontier

December 28, 2011

In the 19th Century adventurous young British males  had to travel on long arduous voyages to far off lands like Afghanistan and South Africa to find fortune and excitement:


But thanks to enlightened liberal immigration policies the adventure and excitement of the wild frontier has now come to them! (well Oxford High Street to be precise) :

Who says diversity isn’t enriching!

A word of warning though, as in the 19th Century, when bright crimson jackets were a prominent target for enemy spears and arrows, wearing a pair of these could prove hazardous: