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Rockin’ Italian diplomat gets in hot water with authorities

January 28, 2012

When the going get’s politically correct, nationalistic Italians often reach for their guitars. However, as in other western countries, expressing un-PC political opinions in public can be a costly career move.

Mario Vattani, an Italian diplomat to Japan, has been called home by the Italian government after they discovered he’s the lead singer of nationalist rock band Sotto Fascia Semplice.

As usual, The Telegraph article is highly biased, in particular it’s description of the relatively moderate Casa Pound organisation as “extremist.”

Anyway, here’s a clip from one of SFS’s albums:







Nationalist right in Italy

December 16, 2011

With the current economic problems in Europe, the nationalist right in Italy seems to be attracting significant numbers of young people. Check out this march by CasaPound, a nationalist organisation which mainly targets students. It’s very doubtful if an alternative right-wing organisation in an English-speaking country could manage something on this scale (or get with away with doing so).