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Italian folk and folk/rock

February 25, 2012

The Italians seem to have a particular talent for producing tasteful melodic music blending folk, rock and classical influences


Musical interlude

January 31, 2012

Nice track from US folk band Changes

Rockin’ Italian diplomat gets in hot water with authorities

January 28, 2012

When the going get’s politically correct, nationalistic Italians often reach for their guitars. However, as in other western countries, expressing un-PC political opinions in public can be a costly career move.

Mario Vattani, an Italian diplomat to Japan, has been called home by the Italian government after they discovered he’s the lead singer of nationalist rock band Sotto Fascia Semplice.

As usual, The Telegraph article is highly biased, in particular it’s description of the relatively moderate Casa Pound organisation as “extremist.”

Anyway, here’s a clip from one of SFS’s albums:






Enforcing ideological purity in leftist Britain

January 1, 2012

Th British folk/rock band Sol Invictus is a popular group in the post-industrial ”neo-folk” scene. Like a number of bands in the genre, it attracts interest from white nationalists, but the band does not seem to identify itself with any particular political ideology.

Some of its members have previous associations with right-wing groups like the British National Party, and present and former members of the UK’s National Front. Following protests from “anti-fascist” activists, the group issued a statement at a gig in London in June where lead singer Tony Wakefield said:

“Sol Invictus would like to publicly state that as a band and as individuals we are not interested in working with anyone who seeks to promote the glorification or rehabilitation of any of the murderous totalitarian ideologies which blighted the 20th century”.

However, this hasn’t satisfied anti-fascist activists who argue that simply denouncing WN links isn’t good enough. As can be seen by the comments on anti fascist websites (see here , here and here) anti fascist activists have pretty dogmatic and intolerant opinions. A number are of the opinion that any musician who’s previously been involved in WN politics, or even makes frequent use of fascist imagery for artistic purposes, should be barred from playing in public. That is, unless they’ve shown a positive commitment to anti-fascism by joining or donating to anti-fascist organisations or appearing at anti-fascist events.

This reminds me of the re-education programs that traditional conservatives and other dissidents had to undergo in totalitarian communist societies. For a modestly successful niche band like Sol Invictus, being denied access to gigs would be equivalent to barring an author getting published and amounts to a direct violation of the free speech principles that liberals are usually keen to defend.

Perhaps anti-fascists think we should start burning Ezra Pound books and destroy Wagner CDs?

I hope that UK music venues and events organisers won’t bow to this kind of childish totalitarian bullying and will continue to allow peaceful, law a-biding bands like Sol Invictus an audience for their music.