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Student debt – who should pay?

February 18, 2012

The recent Occupy protests in the Anglosphere have focused attention on the issue of student debt, and whether or not students  who are unable to pay back their debt should have their debts written off.

Many on the liberal right argue that they shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions, while many on the left argue they were doing something that the government, the banks and the media encouraged them to – get an education – and shouldn’t be held personally accountable for their indebtedness.

My view is somewhere in between. On the one hand they should have to make some contribution to paying off their debts, if only to discourage yet more students to get into debt, while on the other hand, those who encouraged them to get into debt ( the banks and the tertiary institutions) should also shoulder some of the cost.

Since everyone’s personal situation is different, government departments should also be given more flexibility to strike workable deals with particular students. For example, in New Zealand, the government reduces interest on student loans for students who stay in New Zealand after graduating, and increases interest rates for students who go overseas. However, not all degrees are of equal value to the country, and if a student is unable to find work in New Zealand, then why not let them go overseas to earn the funds to help pay off their debts?


Why the demands will continue

February 8, 2012

During New Zealand’s Waitaingi Day celebrations this week there was a classic illustration of why the liberal left continues to pressure whites in western countries into giving more resources to other races.

The nation’s race-relation conciliator Jores de Bres used the opportunity to complain that Pakeha (a Maori term for European New Zealanders) were continuing to resist moves to give “special treatment” to Maori. Mr de Bres argued this was unreasonable because Maori were, on average, economically worse off than whites. This is in spite of numerous land settlements and affirmation action opportunities awarded to Maori since the mid 1980s.

Thus inequality of outcome is the reason why the left continues to complain about white racism in developed countries like New Zealand. Providing equality of opportunity, plus reparations for colonisation and cultural subsidies (such as funding for indigenous languages) is not considered good enough.  As with the middle class in a communist society, whites in a liberal society must continue to make sacrifices to non-whites, until their incomes are, on average the same as the lowest performing ethnicities.

Liberal kiwi teacher killed in the US

December 31, 2011

Since liberals don’t believe in bad genes or original sin, they can be very vulnerable to be seriously harmed by nasty people.

On Christmas Eve a 55-year-old New Zealand teacher living in Seattle was killed by an angry boyfriend who was already known to authorities as a ” high violent offender”.

 According to an article in The Nelson Mail, one of her co-workers she had a “tempestuous” relationship with her 48-year-old boyfriend, a bodybuilder she meet in a gym earlier in the year. Her 24-year-old daughter described him as “controlling, jealous and short-tempered”.

The Victim, Prudence Hockley, seems to have been a card-carrying bohemian left liberal with an extroverted personality and a rose-tinted view of human nature. As a former pupil described her first day of teaching at Seattle’s Woodinville High School in 1997:

“She marched into class on the first day in combat boots and a dress, her multi-coloured hair in pigtails, sporting several tattoos and more bangles than I’d ever seen on one person, and announced to all of us her name was Prudence Hockley and she loved us all ready, even the one’s she’d never meet”.

Lets face it, a blank slate view of ideology isn’t just scientifically wrong, it can be hazardous to your survival, especially in personal relationships, where caution and common sense are essential.