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Madonna’s political ignorance.

June 24, 2012

In a recent concert in Israel Madonna used an image of Marine Le Pen to make a critical statement against racism and fascism (as discussed in this Taki’s Magazine article by Bruce Cochran).

Madonna’s “anti-fascist” stance is all the more amusing given her interest in the lives of Eva Peron and Wallace Simpson (she has played Peron in a musical and recently directed a movie about Simpson). Peron of course married Argentinian fascist leader Juan Peron,  while Wallace Simpson was a staunch anti-communist who was strongly opposed to racial intermarriage. Why Madonna should champion Simpson and vilify Le Pen seems kind of ironic considering Simpson was probably more socially conservative than Marine Le Pen will ever be.

Adding to the irony is that Madonna likes to emphasise her Italian heritage. Italy was the birth place of fascism and is one of the world’s most ideologically sophisticated countries. Indeed, during the Italian Civil War from 1943-45 political ignorance of the kind exhibited by Madonna could easily have got a women like her killed by a communist lynch mob.


Declining masculinity

April 13, 2012

1970s middle class rock band







1980s middle class rock band







Contemporary middle class rock band

Facebook narcissism

April 2, 2012

The idea that Facebook attracts narcissistic personalities probably won’t come as much of a surprise to most educated people.

However, US researchers at Western Illinois University claim there may be a  link between Facebook narcissism and the emphasis on self-esteem building in modern education.

The researchers note that Facebook narcissism is now a well-entrenched aspect of US college culture.