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February 5, 2012

Just because the Chinese majority in Singapore lets in moderate numbers of immigrants from the Indian Sub-continent, Singaporean Chinese seem to think they have a right criticise white people in western countries for opposing increases in non-white immigration.

As Oz Conservative blogger Mark Richardson points out, Charlie Teo, a Chinese-Singaporean immigrant in Australia, claims Australia needs to become more like New York and should let in far more non-European immigrants to make it a more vibrant and inclusive society. This is in spite of the fact that Australia has one of the highest rates of non-European immigration in the developed world.

Of course, even Teo’s “multicultural” Singapore is only about nine percent Indian, with Han Chinese making up the vast majority of the population. If Teo is so keen on multiculturalism, why doesn’t he get stuck into other Asian nations like Korea and Japan, which have far lower immigration rates than “redneck” Australia.