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More PC Language

October 24, 2014

Here’s some entries under D:


Dandy – an Edwardian for-runner to the yuppie and the hipster, now believed to be extinct.

Darwinism – a selectively used battery ram employed by secular liberals to attack religious conservatives. Ironically, Darwin’s idea that humans are influenced by evolution is usually ignored by said liberals.

Degrees – as Clive James points out “all Americans have a right to a university degree, even if their degree is in hamburger technology.”

Developing Countries – a liberal euphemism for poor countries with intractable economic and political problems.

Dictators – authoritarian types who sometimes do good things, but for some reason we (the masses) are never allowed to mention these good things. As political rogue Silvio Berlusconi found out when talking about the good things Mussolini did (like shutting down organised crime in Italy) democracy can do no wrong, and everything any dictator has ever done anywhere is bad, and you’re a very, very naughty boy if you say otherwise.

Diesel Engine – a powerful, efficient and frugal type of internal combustion engine which is actively discouraged by dogmatic western governments that are under the influence of misguided liberal environmentalists.

Disperity – a term coined by the American novelist Tom Wolfe to describe the tendency of humans to divide into small cliques when faced with a bewildering amount of human diversity – the predominant form of social organization on large university campuses and in big cities.

Diversity – something celebrated by wealthy white people in gated communities and privately regretted by everyone else.


Liberal Language

October 12, 2014

I’ve recently published a short dictionary on modern liberal terms entitled: The Subversives’ Dictionary: An irreverent guide to liberal jargon for non-believers, which is available as an eBook on Amazon Here’s some of the entries under A:

Abortion and Guns – so-called “wedge issues” which Americans like to argue about so they don’t have to think about more important issues like immigration, state’s rights and runaway public debt.

Abstainer – according to the great Edwardian dictionary writer Ambrose Bierce, an abstainer is a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure. A strong man takes Aristotle’s time-tested advice and enjoys his pleasure in moderation.

Agreeableness – the reason women can never really be the intellectual equal of men. When your sex is programmed for empathy rather than truth-seeking, you’re more likely to try to stop free inquiry than contribute to it.

Alcohol – a vital social lubricant used to transform quiet introverts into loud and opinionated extroverts. It’s doubtful if Western man could successfully reproduce without this confidence-boosting mating tool.

American Conservatives – exiled religious radicals and idealistic libertarians who rebelled against the British monarchy and now claim to be upholders of tradition and conservatism.

Ancestors – deceased persons who are respected in the East and dissed in the West. While sanctimonious Westerners apologise for the supposed sins of their ancestors, Easterners, such as the Japanese, refuse to kowtow to political correctness as they think it’s disrespectful to criticize the actions of their forbears.

Apologies – something mild-mannered mavericks mistakenly resort to when being bullied by their conformist adversaries. Unfortunately, the easily offended are rarely satisfied and craven apologies only result in yet more strident demands for self-abasement.

Aristotle – extremely smart guy that just about everyone today ignores (probably because they hate the idea that a dose of moderation and realism might actually do society some good). Sadly, his more politically suspect successor Plato gets more attention, no doubt because arrogant progressives like his idea of rule by “philosopher kings.” Replace philosopher rings with “democratically elected representatives” and you can blame Plato for inventing modern politics.

Aryan – a blonde, blue-eyed white person who works tirelessly for non-profit organizations and is intent on helping whales, homeless drug addicts and non-white, third world refugees. Why Adolf Hitler was so keen on glorifying Aryans remains a mystery.

Big Business and the Liberal-Left

October 1, 2014

Given that President Obama is a left-leaning politician who was elected into office during a financial meltdown, he’s been pretty muted in his criticisms of the financial sector.

Indeed, if an FDR voter from the 1930s were to travel in time and listen to a speech on the economy by Obama, they would probably assume he was a Republican rather than a Democrat, which is something acknowledged by Democrat activists.

The fact is that while Obama may well be a progressive on social issues, he’s pretty much on the right when it comes to managing the economy. And that’s a combination the Democrats’ big business backers are quite happy with.

If the left gets in, it’s free trade, open borders, and more women in the workforce, if the right gets in its open borders and lower corporate taxes. Either way big business wins.

The right pulls the race card

August 10, 2014

Traditionally the race card is something left wing progressives like to use whenever they are losing an argument with social conservatives. But times are a changin’ and today the economic right is increasingly using the race card to shut down progressive or populist debate on free trade, immigration and globalisation.

In New Zealand there’s currently a debate going on about the sale of large farms to Chinese investors. This policy is actively promoted by the mainstream centre right but opposed by a loose coalition of environmentalists, socialists and populists. The right has responded by labeling their opponents as “xenophobic racists” opposed to the idea of large-scale Asian investment. While the sale of large blocks of land to foreigners may or may not be a good thing from an economic point of view, there are indeed serious questions about whether it’s a good idea to sell large amount of land to investors from non-western countries. As well as the issue of corruption there is also the issue of whether such land buy-ups will result in increased pressure for the importation of Chinese labour to work on such farms. After all, low-wage third world labour from the Philippines and Melanesia is already being widely used on dairy farms and vineyards, with numerous reports of sub-standard wages and work conditions.

However, the economic right is not prepared to debate these issues and instead is resorting to the race card to try and shut down the debate altogether. If opinion polls are anything to go by this policy is clearly backfiring. Calling refugee-loving liberals “racist” sounds desperate and pathetic, and will only serve to further alienate social conservatives who are already feed up with the mammon obsessed policies of the mainstream centre right.

Why modern representative democracy doesn’t work

January 15, 2013

Ok, here’s a classic example of why I hate contemporary representative democracy, and why it violates classical principles of good government.

For better or worse, the people of France voted in the Socialist government of Francois Hollande in the (albeit desperate) hope that an economically left-leaning government might be able to stimulate the economy and boost employment.

However, as so many other left-leaning governments have done before them – they’ve cynically taken the opportunity to introduce a controversial social reform without a popular mandate – in this case gay marriage and gay adoption.

A mandate to introduce economic reforms is not the same as a mandate to introduce radical social engineering.

Aristotle would not be amused.

Theme songs options for the Iraq War era

March 13, 2012

Uber cool early 90s art rock:


Or maybe Borat meets epic prog rock:



Some things just need repeating

February 29, 2012







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