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Obama woos white nationalists

October 6, 2012

As the Democrats seek to widen their already diverse voter base in anticipation of a tight second term election, Obama opened his “50 shades of Obama” campaign with a pleasingly hostile reception in West Virginia last weekend.

A large crowd of angry whites from across the South turned up to voice their frustrations over his disappointingly middle-of-the-road first term. A David Duke supporter commented that Obama just hasn’t done enough to offend reactionary whites in his first four years:

“Whites need to get angry, but they can only do that if the country really does fall apart. But besides interfering in Arizona’s immigration law, Obama just hasn’t pissed off white America as much as we’d hoped. So far we’ve only seen light weight Clinton-style reforms and socialised medicine, next term we want to see some really ambitious Great Society-style screw ups. At present, Romney’s raising more honky hackles with his election appeals in Spanish.”

North Carolina skinhead Mark Blunt put it more succinctly – “the time for pussy socialism is over, we want to see the real New Deal.”

Anticipating that right-wing whites are waning of his self-styled Lincoln persona, the President took the opportunity to re-label himself as “Magic Johnson,” and turned up on stage wearing a Public Enemy T-shirt and low-slung jeans, and accompanied by a pair of submissive looking blondes.

Minuteman Gary Shultz was one of many who warmed to the new image:

“I delighted the President has gone for a more “bad ass,” openly anti-white  image. I think the tougher Johnson persona will resonate really well with our older supporters.”

The President talked of the need to widen tax reforms to all white income groups:

We can’t just tax wealthy whites, even the Republicans are doing that these days. We need to increase taxes for middle class and working class whites too. Of course there will be tax exemptions for whites in mixed-race relationships, but the main focus will be on working that vital white tax base on which this increasingly diverse and vibrant country depends.”

Obama’s next campaign meeting will be in Austin, Texas, where he will talk about the need for suppressing state’s rights and the ambitious new programme he has in place for expanding global government.


Attacking the soft white underbelly (of political correctness)

August 22, 2012

White nationalists may have a reputation for being violent and unpleasant skinhead types, but maybe that their biggest marketing problem isn’t that they’re too mean, but that they’re too nice – especially towards greedy and hypocritical fellow whites.

White nationalist types always tend to focus their political anger towards non-whites – Jews, minorities and foreigners, but this doesn’t seem to achieve much. Like white nationalists themselves, non-white minorities will instinctively circle the wagons and stubbornly defend their tribe when attacked by the hostile other, and despite frequently publicised belly aches from minority leftists in the liberal media, few non-whites actually go as far as leaving majority white countries due to racism from whites.

In fact, many minority activists relish being attacked by white nationalists and are dependent on them for their livelihood. Without the white nationalist boogeyman, groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center would quickly go out of business, so it’s in their interest to keep the tiny white nationalist threat alive.

Instead of focusing their political attacks on non-white minorities who are well schooled in ethnocentric politics, white nationalists might be more successful if they directed their hostility towards those white liberals who treat them with so much contempt. After all, it’s often easier to attack those who aid and abet an enemy than it is to attack a determined enemy in a frontal assault.

Think of the Viet Con in the Vietnam War. When they attacked the powerful American forces directly, as they did during the Tet Offensive, they suffered heavy casualties and came off second best, but when they refocused on attacking American sympathizers among their fellow Vietnamese, they soon bought about the collapse of the pro-American south.

The Italians communists took a similar approach following the allied invasion of Italy in 1943. Rather than join the allies and attack the heavily armed Germans, they focused their efforts on persecuting ex-nationalists and conservatives behind allied lines (a popular communist tactic) with an eye to (successfully) cementing their power base in post-war Italy.

Not only are hypocritical white liberals an easier target than tenacious ethnocentric minorities, but they’re also more likely to give in easily when faced with a real fight.

Consider South African white liberals for example. When questioned about South Africa, they go on about how unjust the Apartheid regime was, yet they’re also terrified of the new rainbow republic and most of them scarper overseas as soon as they get the opportunity. Ironically, it’s the conservative Boer farmers who are most likely to stay on as they’re better armed and less easily intimidated then white urban liberals.

As well as going for obvious targets like middle class liberal intellectuals, white nationalists should also start campaigns to undermine white businesses which promote increased immigration.

In Australia, Gerry Harvey, Gina Rinehart and a number of other prominent business people have made explicit statements in support of mass immigration, yet as far as I’m aware their businesses have never been picketed by white nationalists or immigration restrictionists.

Maybe it’s time for a change of tactics.

The Jew thing – part one

November 21, 2011

Among many white nationalists on the American right, the decline of the West seems to be due to just one factor – Jews. But are Jews really that important, and isn’t blaming the Jews for everything a form of white self-loathing?

One problem I’ve got with the ‘blame the Jews’ argument is it assumes white elites aren’t smart enough to bring about their own downfall. Maybe I’m biased coming from a very politically correct country (New Zealand) with a lot of liberal whites and a small Jewish population, but I don’t tend to see educated whites as the innocent Eloy that White Nationalists portray them as. Furthermore, New Zealand isn’t the only PC white country without a lot of Jews – hyper PC Sweden isn’t particularly kosher either.

If we look at the factors which are undermining the West, one of the most important is the hegemonic status of liberalism. Liberalism is basically an ideology which says politics should be based around the individual. This ideology is unique to white people and was invented by white gentiles between the 17 and 19 th centuries. And contrary to MSM spin, it’s still a novel ideology in most of the world, where tribalism and religion remain the dominant factors in politics.

Consider three of the most important thinkers in the development of liberal thought: John Locke, John Stuart Mill and the educationalist John Dewey – all white gentiles.

Locke pioneered the liberal idea of the blank slate – the idea that qualities like intelligence and temperament are primarily determined by personal experience rather than biology. John Stuart Mill is arguably the most influential thinker in the British Commonwealth. He championed representative democracy, human rights and the idea (for better or worse) that church and government should stay out of people’s personal lives. The American educationalist John Dewey came up with the idea of the teacher as a facilitator rather than expert, an idea which undermines hierarchy and respect for authority.

By contrast, liberal Jewish intellectuals didn’t start coming on the scene until the mid 19th Century, and even then it wasn’t until the early 20th Century that anyone starting listening to them. Also, rather than inventing completely new ideas, the Jewish intellectuals tended to amplify those already developed by white gentiles or other Jews. Karl Marx, one of the few Jewish intellectual heavy-weights, was heavily indebted to Hegel. Later Jewish leftists merely modified Marxist theory to fit the perspectives of feminists, gays and minorities. These second-tier Jewish intellectuals copy Marx the way Japanese car designers copy Germans and Italians.

The infamous Jewish Frankfurt School wouldn’t have got far without gentile Marxist heavyweight, Antonio Gramsci. In fact, it’s probably Gramsci, with his advant-garde focus on cultural hegemony instead of economics, who’s ultimately become the most influential thinker in determining the tactics and ideology of the modern left. Meanwhile, on the liberal-right, Jewish libertarians like Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard have largely recycled ideas developed by gentiles like Locke, Smith and Hayek.

This is not to say a lot of Jews haven’t been a pain in the rectum for ordinary whites in the US. Jews are after all a minority, and minorities often put their own interests ahead of the majority. Many Jewish intellectuals, like many other minority intellectuals, will champion the interests of their own group while criticizing the same kind of behavior among the majority. Jews are simply a smarter and better educated minority than most. Kevin Macdonald has diligently chronicled many instances of Jewish hypocrisy, but he’s overlooked the numerous anti-white political shenanigans of other minority groups. Black apathy over border control is a particularly striking example.

The influence of Jews in the US has also been greatly assisted by white guilt, which is itself a white cultural trait (historical guilt isn’t too conspicuous in Japanese or Turkish culture). As is the case with African-Americans and the legacy of slavery, Jews have superior moral status in the US because of the Holocaust and white Russian programs, and white elites need to acknowledge the suffering of Jews to reinforce their legitimacy among fellow white liberals and western educated foreign elites.

White nationalists who nit-pick about the historical suffering of Jews are playing into the hands of Jewish left liberals whose stock in trade is trying to make guilt-prone whites feel guilty.